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Lisa Breckenridge   -   Emma Knott   -   Fran Griffin   -   Keith Griffin

works by
Puccini, Piazzola, Barber, Fran Griffin, Keith Griffin and more...


eclectix was formed in 1993 by accident from the late-stayers of a Flute Society of NSW meeting. It is a quartet of flutes and as the name suggests, will perform music from many genres, making use of many sizes of flutes. After many years of fun rehearsals and concerts, various employment opportunities meant the ensemble was unable to get together, and it was not until 2018 that eclectix was able to reform and take up the flute quartet challenge again.  

Music for four flutes is comparatively scarce, which allows eclectix to indulge in pursuits more unusual and challenging than simply reading the notes. Improvisation makes up a significant part of the group’s interest, in addition to arrangements and original works by the members. Of course standard repertoire is included in the musical diet, but sometimes with surprises.

Despite the emphasis on having a good time playing music, there is a serious side to eclectix: each member brings to the ensemble the professionalism, musicality and originality necessary to sustain a programme of music on like instruments.
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Family ($60.00)

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November 04, 2018 15:00 - 16:30 (GMT +10:00 Sydney)

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